IoTs have increasingly processing power and re-configurability and
therefore are vulnerable to similar malware of traditional computers. These
devices are embedded in our everyday life but they may not have the computing
capacity to implement security protection solutions like Trusted Computing, or
Cryptography. This context presents
challenges of scalability (billions of devices to protect), harmonization and
homogeneity (different protocols and technologies).

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Physical availability of

Connected sensor/actuator devices embedded in the environment are
physically available to malicious users who could use them to compromise the
integrity or reliability of an IoT system. The number of devices itself and
their reduced capabilities make it very difficult to detect tampering and to
check that they are operating properly.


Identification in the IoT

In all layers of IoT, it is essential to provide identification. It is
one of the biggest challenges because IoT will face a tremendous number of
applications and structures with different unpredictable characters and
patterns. Therefore, the need to have a global reference for identification is


Authenticating devices

Devices that use the sensors and actuators should follow specific
policy for authentication to authorize the sensors to public their information.
Low cost solutions in this field has not been provided. We have to use
high-cost solutions which is a conflict with the main goal of IoT to provide
lightweight protocols.


Conflicting market
interest (privacy)

IoT will make a very competitive market by providing correlated data
from different sources. Therefore, it will help to satisfy customers’ needs
more efficiently. As a result, providing different techniques to protect the
personal data of people will be the main issue. This goal should be satisfied
by deployment low weight privacy solutions, which is considered as a challenges


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