Nick Cave is a musician who was born in Warracknabeal,
Australia. The musician formed his first band with a friend from high school he
met by the name of Mick Harvey. Nick Cave first band was during the 1970s and
they called themselves The Boys Next Door. They released a signature album in
1978 called Door, Door. However, Nicks first band name didn’t last long and was
later substituted by an unused epitome. When Cave wrote his music the lyrics
were based on love, murder and gothic subjects. He surprisingly even wrote
books, screenplays, and acted in a few films.

Furthermore, in his early years Nicks mother was actually a
librarian and his dad was a English teacher. He was raised in Angilican with
two older brothers and a younger sister. His influence in writing was sort of
based on the Bible. His first record ever was a cover of a song by the name of
“These Boots Are Made for Walking”. After Nick Cave and Mick Harvey left high
school they transmuted the band name into “The Birthday Party” and then they
moved to London.  The only hits the band
were able to make before they completely dispersed were Prayers on Fire, Junkyard and

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Even though nicks band went their separate ways, He decided
to leave London and move to Los Angeles to start up a new band with his high
school friend Mick Harvey still with him. The new band was called Nick Cave and
The Bad Seeds, collaborated with Blixa Bargeld, a German band. The bands first
album together was called From Her to Eternity released in 1984. Nick and his
band always moved from one place to another so, they didn’t end up staying in
Los Angeles for a long time before moving to Berlin. When they moved to Berlin,
Cave wrote his novel “And the Ass Saw the Angel”, which is a biblical quotation
from the Book of Numbers, Chapter 22, Verses 23-21. The novel he wrote however,
grabbed the attention which led to his work being juxtaposed to William

In Addition, Cave ended up moving to Brazil with someone he
met while he was on tour by the name of Viviane Carneiro. He was very young and
attractive along with releasing several albums, Kicking Against the Pricks in 1985 and Tender Prey in 1988. His trip to Brazil became a life changing
experience because he ended up living there and conceiving a child with Viviane,
a baby boy named Luke who was born on May 10th, 1991. Viviane and
Nick were only together for a course of 4 years before separating. She now
lives in London working as a Psychotherapist. Baby Luke is now 26 with three
other siblings besides himself, who are all males. Nick has more three
different baby mothers for all four of his sons named, Susie Bick who conceived
Arthur Cave and Earl Cave, Beau Lazenby who conceived Jethro Cave and, of
course Viviane’s son Luke.


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