My work is within the care industry for a large UK based domiciliary care provider. I am, responsible for the training management of 25 Learner members. This includes their initial induction training, and regular on-going training, including quarterly supervisions and annual appraisals.
The training is based on core competencies, and includes Common Induction Standards (CIS) for care, in a classroom setting, over a five day period. All care provided in the UK is regulated by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and all care Learner must undertake this training by law.
To ensure I am meeting the company requirements and the needs of the Learner attending. I prepare beforehand to ensure all necessary materials are available. Health and Safety requirements in the work place must be met, I explain these to the Learner attending, and invite the Learner to establish ground rules for the day, this ensures appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
Different learning styles are incorporated, visual, auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, logical and social. Assessments are in the form of ice breakers, debate, professional discussion, quizzes and a workbook completed by Learner is retained as evidence for Learner files as documented evidence.
I use an initial assessment to identify the level of support required at the start of training, formative assessment throughout the training so that achievement or performance can be improved and a summative assessment at the end.
Feedback for Learner is given using Petty’s model ‘Medal and Mission’, this works well as it is praise for the work accomplished and encouragement to develop further.
When the training is complete, I invite the attendees to complete an evaluation form, this is part of quality assurance and enables me to make improvements in the


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