My desire to be a nurse resulted from the kindness, compassion and care shown to me by the Nurses when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the hospital and at home, made me want to give other people the kind of care I’d received.
I have read a lot about the nursing career in Nursing Journals, Online and other magazines, which shows that the Nursing Career has a very broad base ranging from Midwives who are at the beginning of life, through to Palliative Care Nurses at the end of life. I have learnt through my research that a nurse should be compassionate, show respect, dignity and always put patient’s priority first. I believe I have these skills to become a good nurse.
I have extensive experience in Care, working both night and day shifts. This made me realise that to progress in this field I would need to gain a nursing qualification. I enjoy every shift because it’s always different as I find an opportunity to learn new skills. I help with Personal care, assist with feeding, repositioning and provide emotional support and company as well. I also encourage and help with residents to pursue their hobbies, ensure call bells and other possessions are in reach. This experience gave me a lot of insight into the nursing profession although challenging, it is very rewarding.
As teamwork is important in Healthcare, I liaise with other multidisciplinary teams, agency staff and attend handovers at the beginning of every shift to ensure I am fully aware of the individual care plan for the day. I have been trained in patient’s nutrition, administering medication, Health and Safety, food hygiene, fire safety and infection control.
I know that the Nursing profession can be very demanding and challenging but with my experience and skills gained from working in customer care at the airport, meeting people from different backgrounds, working to meet the deadline, dealing with complaints and containing emotions has prepared me to step into this profession. As a result, as I can provide care for people from different race, religion, believes in equality and diversity. I am also a good listener, can multi-task, cheerful, quick to make decisions while maintaining patience.
I am a mother and I also babysit for friends. I help with school runs, homework and dealing with emotions from the kids. Currently, I work in a paid job as an Optical Assistant at a primary Eye Practice, where I deal with pre-screening patients and administration work.
I believe my character and nature combined with real-life experience makes me a prime candidate as a nurse. My drive, hard work and desire will be a key to succeeding in such a challenging field, but I hope to experience the satisfaction it has to offer.


I'm James!

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