Mouhannad Al Masri
Mrs. Nesrin
9 May 2018
Celebrity Privacy
Celebrities, people who are regarded as the most influential human beings in the world, people who work day in and day out just so that they can entertain people and bring joy to their lives and people who are a role model, especially towards the youth. Becoming a celebrity is of course every person’s dream, whether the person is young or old, it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to become famous and be recognized around the world, that’s the dream. It’s impossible to escape celebrity culture. Everywhere you go, you’ll find images and details of everything a celebrity does, from grocery shopping to partying, it is plastered all over every newsstand and supermarket checkout aisle. Celebrities are always under the public attention. They don’t have any privacy at all. Everyone, especially a fan, wants to know everything about a celebrity. Being a celebrity is tough and I think that some of the celebrities’ regret that they’ve become one. You may think that it’s the dream to become a celebrity, but once you’ve become famous and recognized around the world, you’ll regret it. Now I know that the celebrities have chosen this job and knew that they’re privacy will go away, but I think this is unfair. They are human beings aren’t they? I think that every person must have some privacy in their life, especially the celebrities, since they deserve to be treated like us.

Celebrities are living in a nightmare. They can’t live a normal life, whether they go shopping or even the supermarket, fans from every direction will corner them and ask for their autographs or a picture to be taken with them. They can’t go outside and have a cup of coffee, that is because journalists, photographers, and fans will all rush to the famous guy who is just having a cup of coffee, and will eventually ruin his day. A celebrity can’t even go outside and have a walk with his family, because the paparazzi will pop out from out of nowhere, and take a picture of him with his family. I find this very disrespectful, people should leave a celebrity alone whenever he is outside, either alone or with his family. They are just like us “humans”. There is no difference between us and them. The celebrities have reached a point where they started to hide their faces just so that no one can annoy them. It must be really uncomfortable for a celebrity not living his day like a normal person. People must understand that being the celebrity is the same job as any other: teacher or doctor. Each job should require some privacy and everyone must respect that.

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Celebrity are starting to fear the outside world. Some of them are suffering from anxiety. They are afraid that something bad might happen to them. That is because when there are a lot of fans around the world, of course there are a lot of haters. And sometimes haters really hate a certain celebrity so bad to the point that they would try to kill him/her. Haters will do anything to invade a celebrity’s privacy, so that they can expose them to the world. An example of suffering from anxiety is Jennifer Lawrence, a famous actress who has won many awards including the Oscar. Jennifer Lawrence says she knew being a movie star would bring with it a certain loss of privacy. What she didn’t know, she says, was the deep emotional and even physical toll it would take. CITATION Jen14 l 1033 (Jennifer Lawrence Describes The Terror And Anxiety That Comes With Fame, November 16, 2014) Jennifer Lawrence said:
“I knew the paparazzi were going to be a reality in my life,” the 24-year-old Oscar winner said in an interview Saturday. “But I didn’t know that I would feel anxiety every time I open my front door, or that being chased by 10 men you don’t know, or being surrounded, feels invasive and makes me feel scared and gets my adrenaline going every day.” CITATION Jen14 l 1033 (Jennifer Lawrence Describes The Terror And Anxiety That Comes With Fame, November 16, 2014).

Social media: every celebrity’s nightmare. Everything you need to know about a celebrity is all found in the social media, and I mean it. Every single detail, there is no privacy at all for these poor human beings. Now I can agree that social media brings celebrities closer and makes them more famous that they can feel themselves at the top of the world, but they should be careful when using social media. One mistake and they might get in real trouble. Technology has evolved hasn’t it? It evolved to the point that hackers are using it now to ruin celebrity’s lives. There are like thousands of celebrities that have suffered from the new era of hacking. Their pictures, details, family issues…. all have been exposed by the hackers. Even a celebrity’s darkest secrets will somehow be exposed by a hacker.
When a celebrity goes on date or even just steps outside of his house, it will directly be on social media. That’s how bad celebrities’ privacy is. Divorce, most of the celebrity gets divorced. There’s no surprise about that. Of course they don’t want this private issue to be out in the social media. But what can they do. When a famous celebrity files for a divorce, the whole world will know about it. The celebrity will be trending worldwide because of an issue that he wanted it to stay as a secret. Family issues, divorce, embarrassing moments, and dark secrets are all found in the internet. A celebrity can’t even trust his phone anymore, since there are a lot of private pictures and secrets he/she wants to keep it to himself, but a hacker will eventually find a way to hack the phone, and the next thing you’ll find out that this celebrity is trending on social media. Every detail and information you need to know about a celebrity is found on the internet. His age, full name, issues, sickness….and that is all thanks to social media. Sometimes the privacy can ruin a celebrity’s career. Like if it’s exposed then the whole career of this celebrity is done.
Also, when a celebrity is having a private interview with another person, and he might have crossed the line during this interview by insulting another guy or a country, but he/she doesn’t want anyone to know. Social media comes to aid and shows the world this interview, and chaos will happen. The celebrity will become so hated by the people all around the world that he will eventually retire and maybe runaway and hide his face from the world. A celebrity can never know when someone is watching him/her, so they better watch their words whenever they are doing an interview.

Celebrities’ life is always in danger. The problem is that his life isn’t the only one that will be affected but also his family. If a celebrity is driving back home, he might be followed by paparazzi or stalker. Then the location, the shape, everything you need to know about the house is found in social media. His family’s and his life will be at risk. Thieves will know a celebrity’s house and go rob the house or even kidnap the family and demand money from the celebrity.
The most dangerous aspect of the paparazzi is that their chases for a sharp photograph of the celebrity can turn into a fatal event. The world known tragedy with Princess Diana happened in 1997. She was called “the most hunted person of the modern age”, because she was popular all around the globe. Princess Diana was followed by hundreds of journalists and photographers every day. Paparazzi did everything possible to find out where she was going or driving. They wanted to get a good shot, write a booming article in the magazine, and get lots of money. However, these crazy chases happened too often. One day when princess was followed by the speeding car with paparazzi, the vehicle where Diana sat, crashed and she died very quickly. CITATION Cel16 l 1033 (Celebrities deserve privacy, 18 May 2016)No wonder why some celebrities have committed suicide. Celebrity privacy is nothing compared to ours. Celebrities and other people must be treated equally. We are the same, we have a private life that we don’t like to share with the world. If a celebrity would like to share something, he/she will say it, not the social media, not the newspaper, the celebrity will say it. Celebrities love their job, they like to entertain people, that’s why they need to have some privacy, since they work really hard. I don’t care if they’re rich and famous. Everyone deserves a private life. They are doing their job like us and we have to respect that. Lisa Kudrow said: “You become a celebrity, not because of your work or what you do, but because you have no privacy”.CITATION Lis1 l 1033 (Lisa Kudrow Quotes)In conclusion, we are all human beings, we all have a dark secret that we would not like for anyone to know. A private life is what a person needs, and we must appreciate that. A celebrity must feel comfortable when going out, they should not be anxious, afraid, or annoyed. They need to live a normal life like every other human being. When they’re out of the house, they must not be interrupted by the paparazzi, they should not be trending worldwide because of their embarrassing secrets, what they should have is a normal life.

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