Most of the diseases are now-a-days controlled in several ways as it easier to find the causative factor, but diseases arising from contaminated foods with different types of pathogens is rarely controllable. That is why it is one of the major leading cause of various outbreaks in different geographical areas of the world.It is very hard to predict the source and the specific identity of the microorganism as existing microorganisms shows rapid mutation and more are emerging with the change of the overall environmental conditions and increasing pollution. Undeniably illness associated with food holds a large number of morbidity and mortality rate globally (Newell et al., 2010) factors that influence the pathogenesis in the food holds a numerous factors. The top most reasons in poor country like ours still remains the unhygienic and unhealthy environment which is at its peak in slum areas. there not only the surroundings but also the handler themselves are responsible in the contamination process. (Marcus, 2008) so education of self-hygiene along with good manufacturing practice here is the key weapon to fight this common disease causing microorganism. Here in our county with our research work we aim to find out the leading vectors which leads to serious to severe disease condition here specially in slum areas, and after our findings we saw


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