Molecular sieves are widely used as sorbents for gas separation on account of their huge surface area, regular pore structure and modification flexibility. Zeolites are unique adsorbent materials and hence, have been proved to be successful sorbents for H2S removal (Ozekmekci et al., 2015). Adsorption is an important characteristic of all zeolites as it directly influences the use of the material as a catalyst and separator. The adsorption mechanism in zeolite which controlled the process is dependent on some specific properties of zeolites such as the pore size, the ion exchange, the physical and chemical composition of the adsorbate. These mechanisms include equilibrium selective adsorption, rate selective adsorption, shape selective adsorption, ion exchange and reactive adsorption. Adsorption in zeolite has both economic and environmental benefit because of their uses in oil refining and petrochemical over several years as catalysts just like it application in pollution abatement.


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