Mengzi was a Chinese philosopher who once said “to fully apply ones heart is to understand one’s nature. If one understands ones nature, then one understands heaven.” However, these were strong words from Mengzi. Mengzi was more on the topic of human nature, and he had several methods that can be used in analyzing human nature. As discussed by Mengzi human nature will tend to naturally lean towards good things as it happens with water when it moves down the hill without struggling. Besides, human nature can be interfered with by anyone once they interfere with the good tendencies. According to Mengzi human nature can be said to be naturally good, and this explains why all human beings are found to have the capacity of being good (Hinton 15). All human beings can be good, and this has been happening in many ways. Individuals living in jail or rehabilitation centers are all willing to reform and become good people, and this can be one great way of explaining human nature. Mengzi was a close follower of Confucius, and both valued the existence of human nature. In the doctrine of ren done by Confucian, Confucius advised people to portray humane when dealing with their friends for this would help in coming up with a peaceful society. Mengzi urged individuals to practice kindness when dealing with their friends because human beings are created to be good,
According to Mengzi, every human being is found to have distinctive goodness. Mengzi argued that if human beings could maintain their original nature, they would be good people full of human nature in their entire life (Hinton 23). Human nature can be defined as the child’s heart, and this was the proof that everyone is born with human nature of being good but as they grow their environment will influence their behaviors, and in the long run their good human nature can vanish. People are motivated by different things, and this explains why human beings are found to have varying tastes and preferences. As one grows, they should look for things that motivate them and develop a culture of working out their human nature.
Human actions will be influenced by various factors, but any action from a human being should be genuine. The act of respect cannot be a guarantee that someone will enjoy the fruit of virtue. However, this is because in such cases an individual may act with respect because they have been forced. In such moments the act will be influenced by fear, and it will not be long term but it will exist for a short period, and such an individual can get back to their inhuman life. Anyone who is willing to cultivate the culture of human nature should make sure their actions are influenced by kindness and righteousness for this will in generating good and moral upright thoughts which will translate into good deeds (Norden & Meng 10). At times people have tried to be good to others because there is something they want to get from their friends; however, such a thought is evil and will only create short-term results on one’s actions.
As one grows in any given society, some individuals will help in developing the character of such individuals. The nature of the society one grows in will determine their actions. Good parenting and the availability of God laws and good leaders will enable the process of upholding moral values, and this will help in making sure one does not lose the human nature they acquire after they are born.
Any human beings can become virtuous as long as they can be able to revisit their feelings such as compassion. Through such feelings it will be possible for individuals to develop the sense of empathy and this will allow human nature to prevail. Anyone who can attend to their feelings they will find it possible to understand the pain of others and this will influence the actions of such individuals (Norden & Meng 26). Desires can influence the actions of human beings. The desire to become wealth may force someone to engage in unlawful activities, but again if such individuals were brought up with good laws they will be able to avoid such actions and be willing to make the right decision of following the right channels of becoming rich. Selfishness can be another force that may derail human nature in one’s life according to Mengzi. Selfishness comes in when individuals are only willing to satisfy their own needs or desires. However, such individuals may engage in wrong doings if the right channels are not offering what they desire.
Every human being has the ability of being good doing the right thing. According to Mengzi human nature can be defined as the ability of being good. Every human being can be good. However, there are things that will shape the life of a growing child. Human nature can be defined as the child’s heart. Besides, this means all people are born with human nature but their environment will influence their lives in various ways. Individuals brought up by good leaders and good laws will be able to exercise human nature for a long period.


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