Ø  Central/Easy access

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Ø  Affordable

Ø  Comfortable



Ø  Hotel

§  Services, for example, catering, utensils rental for most part simple to organize.

Ø  School/University

§  Cost may be lower. 

§  Scheduling dependent on school year cycle. 

§  Food service on campus may be available for your use.

Ø  Corporations/Associations/Engineering Firms

§  Businesses with huge gathering rooms might be a decent hotspot for meetings.

§  Offer an ease elective.

Ø  Community Centers/Convention Centers

§  These differ with area and size, expenses and administrations


Meeting Facility Requirements:

Ø  Be sure there is enough room to put up your session. 

Ø  Allow additional space for registration, onsite enrollment and systems administration. 

Ø  Theater seating may be function admirably for a lecture style presentation; however, an interactive workshop may require classroom seating, boardroom, panel discussions need head table, etc.  

Ø  Are there hookups for any technology you need? 

Ø  If someone is participating by conference call, is there a speakerphone in the room. 

Ø  Need an Internet hookup, ensure there is one available.


Audio Visual & Technology Requirements: 

Ø  Microphone:  Do you require a microphone for your speaker or microphones for addressee’s questions?

Ø  Computer, data projector, screen: Will you need a PC and data projector and screen for the presentation.  Is the speaker bringing that equipment, or are you responsible for providing that?

Ø  Speakerphone: Is a speakerphone required?  Ensure there is a phone line and phone in the room.

Ø  Tech support: If you are using the hotel to provide your equipment, do they have technical support on staff?  If not, who will supply that assistance and for what cost. 

Ø  Internet hook-up: Ensure you have the speed you require, and your PC has the proper hardware and software to attach.   


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