Mebendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic. It is useful against human and animal helminth parasite as well as it has some effect on helminthic infection of brain. It is water insoluble drug with absolute bioavailability of 22%. The aim of this study was to develop Mebendazole nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) to improve brain uptake via nose to brain targeted delivery. Mebendazole NLCs were prepared by simple probe ultrasonication method and solidified by freeze drying. NLCs were evaluated for particle size analysis, zeta potential and entrapment efficiency. The resultant NLCs had a mean size of 143.9±1.2nm, a zeta potential of -32.1±1.8mV and 82.6±5.1entrapment efficiency. Mebendazole NLCs and plain drug suspension was radiolabeled using 99mTc (technetium) and biodistribution of drug in blood and brain was studied in albino mice after intranasal administration. Scintigraphy imaging was performed to ascertain the uptake of the drug into the brain. Mice brain scintigram images showed substantial uptake of drug into the brain after intranasal administration of mebendazole. Studies conclusively demonstrated rapid and extent of transport of mebendazole NLCs as compared to plain drug suspension into the mice brain. Hence, mebendazole NLCs increase brain uptake via nasal route and can play promising role in the treatment of helminthic infection of brain.


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