Meagan Gilley
ENG 101-02344
Classification Essay
October 8, 2018
What is Domestic Violence?
Countless people are victims of domestic violence on an almost daily occurrence. Though abuse is recognized as a criminal offense, domestic violence is entirely too common due to the hidden nature of spousal abuse. Abusers often go unpunished since victims have become proficient at protecting their abuser. Domestic abuse is labeled as emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.

One type of domestic abuse is emotional. This form of abuse is defined as any behavior that threatens the victim’s self-esteem or freedom. Abusers use threats to keep their partners from leaving; this includes threatening harm to the victim and/or the victim’s family. Emotional abuse degrades a person’s self-esteem and makes him or her feel worthless, so the abuser can be in control. Both genders are susceptible to emotional abuse, particularly within intimate relationships. Whether the abuse was perpetrated by males or females, those who have experienced this are deeply damaged. Their sense of worth and ability to protect themselves in future relationships will be permanently dismantled without undergoing a successful healing process.

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Another type of domestic abuse is sexual. This is defined as sexual behavior from one person upon another; however, this type of abuse is difficult to detect because of the intimate nature. Recovering from sexual abuse is a process that is different for everyone; recovery can take weeks, months, or years. The healing for survivors entails intense work of identifying what wrongs were done to them, owning their sadness and anger, grieving their losses, and clearing away the damaged thoughts and behaviors that have held them back.

Physical abuse is the most common form of domestic violence and includes, but not limited to, a pattern of slapping, punching, kicking, burning. Physical abuse may also be defined as any abuse that involves physical contact meant to cause intimidation, pain, harm and/or physical injury. People who are victims of domestic violence often find therapy helpful. A mental health professional can help individuals explore their feelings and address conditions that may have developed because of abuse such as depression and anxiety. Also, support groups can be beneficial to some individuals. Because of the likeness of the situations, victims are comfortable conversing with each other.In conclusion, the effects domestic violence has on a victim can be extremely harmful to his or her physical, psychological and financial health. However, several actions have been implemented by most countries to battle domestic violence. Raising awareness about the issues at hand and prompting victims to come out and express their troubles to name a few. Finally, offenders are either punished or offered counseling and therapy.


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