Matrix can be known as a  rectangular of mn number,  that is 
m rows and n columns usually enclose within a bracket, therefore
matrices is not only known as a collection of element but every element has
assigned a definite position in a specific column and row

In general sense, a matrices represent a
collection of information arrange or stored in a orderly way, therefore,
mathematical idea of a matrix  can be
regarded as set of various numbers, function order or variable in  columns and rows. These sets of number can be
seen as distinct entity, the matrices and can also manipulate as a whole
following so basic mathematical rules, typical example of matrix present in
Figure 1 where by, Matric A has three rows and columns.

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This work present three different
matrices operation which they are multiplication addition and inverse matric,
these three matrices have distinct mathematical rules  which are to follow to implement a C
programming language application using 
Microsoft Visual Studio plat, application should help user to solve
matrices operation relate to the  task
objective. By the end of this paper work, 
design  will approach, paper will
include code snippet and related  or
sample result will be present.



Figure 1: A matrix with 9 elements


Aims and Objectives


a complete C program for matrices manipulation without using any built in
functions or libraries. The program should be able to perform the
objective  operations.


work objectives stated as follow

1)      To provide   code structure  that can perform multiplication matrices  such as two matrices operation

2)      To provide   code structure  that can perform addition  matrices 
such as two matrices operation

3)      To provide   code structure  code that can perform Inverse of 3×3
matrix  operation

Design and Functionalities

This design  focus on related task given by writing a C
programming language code that can perform multiplication, addition and inverse
matrices operation, in order to accomplish 
certain design it become important to understand few mathematical
rules  towards the development of the
work, in these scenario, rules to understand 
are  multiplication matrices which
stated that, two element of matrices can only be multiply with each other only
when they are compatible with respect to their order,  therefore, the number of column in first
matrix [A] must have equal number to the number 
of rows in the  second matrix[B,
then providing a resulting matrix [C] which will have same number of rows as
[A] and similar number of columns as [B].

 However  rules of coding is addition which matrices
can only add  if  number of rows and columns in matrix[A] is
same as number of  rows and columns in
Matric[B], the third rules is inverse matric, 
there are several method to approach this but the design approach common
method which calculate the minor or determinant, then find the cofactor which
the implementation of the adjugate and finally multiply the result by 1/

Therefore the design will provide the basic algorithm
utilize  during code implementation for
multiplication matrices, adding matrices and inverse matrices C base
application developed using Microsoft Visual Studio.


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