Maruvalhi is a new Maldivian shoe brand which is completely made from used and old materials like unused soccer balls. After using a soccer ball for the quite sometimes it becomes unworthy to use and people may dump. So when people throw out the old soccer ball to buy a new one. But what they don’t realize is how harmful this plastic material can be for our sensitive environment. To make less this problem and also to make brand new merchandise I’m going to produce trendy shoes form these unused soccer balls. These shoes can use people of all ages. This product is also going to be stylish so fashion concerned people can feel comfortable and attractive in them.
In addition, huge issues of this are environmental safety. There are many waste products like plastic machinery, bottles are in the market which is very useful but there deathly for our environment. But this shoe is completely made from recycling old soccer balls. So it helps not harm our critical environment and may reduce the harmfulness in fact, it works to protect the environment.
The next issue is the price. Most of the people want to wear the latest new and fashionable shoes at the lowest price. But most people can’t afford expensive products. As Maruvalhi is made from old soccer balls it is really cheap to produce. So, I can offer people new and trendy shoes at a minimum price.
Reviewing all the features of Maruvalhi I can assertively say that this product is going to be popular, environmentally friendly and last but not the least inexpensive.


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