Marketing strategy transforms culture but core culture can not change. An example of KFC would be the strategy. KFC is an acronym for KENTUCKY FRIED CHICHKEN – Kentucky Fried Chicken, a product of Yum Restaurant Internation (USA). This is a fast food and is becoming popular with many people in the world.
Since 1998, when KFC started appearing in the Vietnamese market, KFC suffered losses for seven years to create a habit of a new consumer culture for Vietnamese people, especially young people. Their success today also comes from understanding the cultural factor. KFC understands that while fast-food abroad is considered a product of the industry, many companies do not need too much space to do business, customers mostly buy. In Vietnam, people are not used to this business, so fast food Vietnam is still the restaurant but fast service. The establishment of a shop system with a distinct positioning from the traditional stores to get the red color as the main color, professional service, KFC has created a new trend in consumption of the people of Vietnam.


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