Many times throughout different parts of the world a husband of a family brings home a second wife and this would cause some sort of tension in the household. Sometimes getting a divorce between two spouses can be illegal and the wives have to deal with sharing the husband. Also in some cultures after a divorce the woman can’t get remarried. In Naguib Mahfouz, short story, The Lawsuit takes place in a middle eastern household and depicts life in the Egyptian culture. In the story, a husband of a family brings home another much younger wife. The sons gets angry about their father’s action, the older brother dies in jail after having a fight with his father. Later on, the younger wife tries to bring a lawsuit against the younger brother for his father’s finances. The author’s explains in the story where the husband threatens his wife with a divorce if she didn’t accept in the new wife. This causes a conflict in the household and the “law isn’t helpful towards the older wife.

The author titled the story The Lawsuit, this shows the reader that the story has to do something with legal actions within the society. Upon further reading the story is can be said that a lawsuit was brought up and resistant to the main character. According to Mahfouz, The Lawsuit, it states “I found myself suddenly the subject of a lawsuit. My father’s widow was demanding maintenance.” (page 1, paragraph 1). So far this tells us that a lawsuit has been created against the main character by his father’s wife. It goes straight into telling the reader that a lawsuit is happening. The title of the story foreshadows the event that is going to happen.

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