Many risks go along with playing sports, particularly the contact sports such as football. The video Big Hits and Broken Dreams gives us insight into exactly how dangerous it can actually be to play football. Some question if it’s worth it to risk major injury, or in severe cases death, just to play a sport. It is a very controversial topic which was discussed throughout the video. According to the video, 40% of football players played with a concussion and 35% will get more than one concussion. (CNN, 2012) With these statistics, it can be very concerning to parent are beginning to become more and more concerned with their children being involved in the sport. While this may make some individuals to quit the game all together, there are many precautions that can be taken to reduce these injury related statistics. Some of these precautions include improving the safety level as well as rules and regulations in the game of football. One of the main questions I believe people are trying to answer is is “How can we improve the rules regarding injuries to keep players safe?” and “How can football player stay safe?” Many people love football due to the crowd, the competitive rivalries, and team bonding, but are cautious to play or let their children play due to the many risks. I think some of these risk factors could be reduced if the proper steps were taken. There has been some debate on whether athletic trainers should be required at all football games. If this were made a requirement and a priority, I believe safety would improve greatly due to athletic trainers being professionally trained to treat sports related injuries. Many people love football due to the crowd, the competitive rivalries, and team bonding, but are cautious to play or let their children play due to the many risks. In addition to this, some feel that football is a camaraderie that brings together a team. It has many positive outcomes such as providing those who would not be able to afford or get into college or may not have the best grades, an opportunity to earn their way to a college degree based on their athletic ability.
In the video, we learned that one in ten football players will get a concussion. In addition to this, a football player on average endures 650 hits per season. (CNN, 2012) I thas also been shown through research that brains of those who have died from football related injuries have the same protein deposits in the brain as an 80 year old with Alzheimer’s disease. This is said to be due to repeated head blows. (CNN, 2012) Knowing that football related injuries can be fatal as well as cause permanent brain damage is a very intimidating and scary thought to most. Hearing these facts in addition to the unfortunate story of the J.H. Rose High School player that passed away from second impact syndrome may cause someone to believe that the risks do outweigh the benefits. The J.H Rose player died from back-to-back concussions and some believed that with proper trainers present this death could have been prevented. He was not allowed time to properly heal and unfortunately death was a consequence of that. On the other end of the spectrum, many are working on developing ways to reduce the risk level involved with football. Some are working on getting head-to-head contact rules changed. In another attempt to reduce risk to the players, many coaches are teaching players to lead contact with the arms instead of the head. Due to J.H. Rose having a football tragedy at their school, players at J.H. Rose are now required to take a pre-season comprehension test as well which serves as an aid in detecting injuries. (CNN, 2012)
Opinions can be impacted by socioeconomic status. Football brings together people from different races, economic status, social and cultural status. This is due to the team having a common goal to win. Those who’s parents would not be able to afford college without a scholarship may feel pressure to play the game. A player may feel obligated to “carry on the family tradition” if many family members played football as well. For example, some of the players in the video from J.H. high school discussed their older siblings playing football and how that affected their passion for the game. In conclusion, I believe that the benefits do outweigh the risks as long as steps are continuing to be made toward providing safety to players as well as proper treatment of injuries.


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