Malaysia has changed a lot in this time of year and it will probably change a great deal in the next few years like the education , tourism , healthcare and many more .
First of all , the public transport and self vehicles like cars will be using electric power instead of oil that could cost a lot and took million of years to produce.The carbon monoxide that came out from car that uses oil can also cause asthma , lung cancer and acid rain that can cause Abrasion like in A Famosa . Car accidents also will be reduced and we no longer need to take a long time to search for a parking spot . This could save time , some places like shopping mall will took more than an hour just to search for a parking .
Other than that , Tourism is a major economic and social significant that has been recognized in both developed and developing countries. It is important to have more tourist spots for domestic and foreign tourists in spite of the fact that we already have a lot of tourist spots along of the lines of theme parks , water parks , beaches , and many more that are enjoyable . We could create more and rare places like the highest building in the world like Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower that could attract tourist to visit the countries .
Moreover , the education in Malaysia has gone through extensive changes throughout the years. Such action highlights the government’s endless efforts in trying to improve the quality of education for its people . We could teach kids about disciplines first like how Japan does in their kindergarten. Teaching them how to be civilized and give respect to someone who is older . They also could teach how to clean and make the children to become more independent . Malaysia also could improve their school environment for students comfort . For example the sanitation and circumstances of classrooms , canteen , toilets and many more.
In additionally , robots will be a good use in our daily life for the reason that they could help us to take out the garbage , prepare the foods but for the bad side it could cause laziness since they do not have to worry about stuffs to do in the house . Malaysia could also save electricity and do not have to worry about high bills because of the fact that the use of solar system extensively.


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