general, the potato farmers face more problem in marketing than the production.
In production site, support covert by government institutions DAE, BARI, BADC,
some NGOs and private sector but support limitation in case of marketing. The
problem of local market for potato are low market price just after harvesting,
high transporting cost, traders syndicate, high post-harvest spoilage, in
adequate storage facility and low access to private companies those who export
the potato in international market. Farmers are bound to sell the potato to
local traders such as faria and pikers and get low market price (hortex
newsletter 2011). In Bangladesh have 400 potato cold storage, it cannot meet
the national demand for potato store and they meet 50% of total demand as a
result potato has huge post-harvest loss in Bangladesh. 

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problem is less available the international demand base potatoes varieties in
Bangladesh. The foreign countries interested to provide the demand based variety
seed for production to Bangladesh and they also interested to import of those
potato after harvesting. But Bangladesh policy do not permit to accept of those
foreign countries offer within a year potato production but policy permits that
varieties can grow first in research station at least 3 years then its grow in
farmers level said MD of GARI 2016. Potato is a perishable commodity. It would
rot or grow the sprouts if it doesn’t reach the market in time while being
shipped under regular temperature said Bangladesh Cold Storage Association’s
Chairman Jasim Uddin. Shipping services are inadequate and underdeveloped and
expensive so that increase the potato price an uncompetitive level. The
Bangladesh shipping port provide services that are inadequate and cannot meet the
international standard. Exporters provide lack of marketing services and they have no proper
market links with foreign importers and less aware of their markets. At the
same time, exporters are often deprived to receive payments on time from the
importing countries. In addition, Bangladesh exporters less able to assess the international


Russia has a good potato market for Bangladesh. Recently, the Russia expressed
the concern about the quality of Bangladeshi potato and they found the presence
of a bacterial infection called ‘Brown Rot’ in one shipments. So now Russia
temporary stop to import the Bangladeshi potato. After receiving the objection,
soon the government planned to remove such kind of infection. Another fungal
infection may can affect to the potato which also can affect the international
market so should care against this pest.  



The study
is important for getting available information about present status and future
prospect for export the potato after meeting the local consumption since
1000000 farmers engaged in the sub sector. The status of potato export from
Bangladesh are published in different newspapers and television news but very
low published in institutional thesis so it is still dark condition.  Different research institute and universities
have published the thesis for potato production and domestic market only but
not international market. The study can find out the huge significant result for
export the potato in international market. Some significance rational also are point
out below-


study help to enhance the potato export in foreign countries: The study will assess the different
barriers, government facilities and cash incentive for potato export. The study
also find out the solution to overcome the exporting barrier. The information
will be documented in thesis so export companies, shipping agent, government
and other actors can be used for their international business. The journal’s
data showed that production and export of potato has a great prospect in
Bangladesh (Muktasha-2015). If increase potato export then country may increase


Enhance awareness of stakeholders: Bangladesh has huge potential for exports the
potato and gradually increasing the number of importing country. Based on
international market demand for Bangladesh potato, different stakeholders becoming
active about the issue.  As 8-9 years
exporting experience, Bangladesh now increasing the capacity to compete with
India, China and Pakistan in terms of quality and price to meet the market
demand. The export companies are able to now to select the right variety and
quality seed and new production technique, proper post-harvest management,
efficient marketing system and competitive ship freight rate (Hortex
Newsletter, 2011). The Bangladeshi farmers are also increasing awareness to
grow export the quality potato production. The study findings will help to
stakeholders for increase the awareness.


Strengthen export market and production
information flow through the study: The study will analyze the international byers and Bangladesh
stakeholders communication, demand & requirement, barriers and its solution
and their liaison process so both parties can benefit from this study. The
study information will help coordination among International byers, export
companies and farmers as a result enhance information flow.


Identify the international market demand variety: The study will help to identify the
international market demand potato variety so that export companies will able
to plan to bring of those varieties from foreign countries and its grow in
Bangladesh through contact farming[1] by
farmers or direct grow in company field.


Explore the new technical knowhow: Through this study government line department
will inform the foreign potato variety and they may will flexible and help to import
the foreign potato seed by private company. The Bangladesh farmers will able to
know the new variety and new technology for it production with the support of
company and it will effect to high yield and high income.   


International shipping Transport for
potato:  Through the study assessed the detail potato
shipping scenario in terms of country wise freight charge, delay charge, type of
services, require employee and their expertise. Based on study finding,
exporter are able to get action for exporting the potato.  


Meet the government policy: The study will analyze the government potato
exporting policy and recommend how flexible way follow the policy and also find
out the  important policy information. The
learning of those recommendation may encourage to company to do advocacy with
government policy marker for flexible the existing policy.   





What are the total volume of potato
production, local consumption and it surplus in Bangladesh?

What are the challenge and barrier for
potatoes export in different levels including farmers, pikers, cold storage, export
companies and shipping agents? Is there any policy barrier/favor to export the
potatoes? How it effect

What are the companies capacity to export
the potato in international market?

What is the international byer country demand
and how meet the demand for identify the country for export the potato.




7.1. Broader Objective


To find
out the effective market system for exporting the potato in international
market by analyzing the different stakeholders levels challenges, barriers, facilities,
government incentive and local consumption.


7.2. Specific Objective


a.       To assess the trend of potato production,
local consumption and exporting position of Bangladesh.

b.      To find out the different challenges, barrier,
facilities and government incentives for exporting the potato

assess the  capacity of potato export
companies and flakes & starch export based manufacturing companies to
export the potato and compete the international market

d.      To find out the international market by
analyzing the existing potato importing countries and new country requirements
and demand.     

Contact Farming is an
agreement between farmers and byer (trader/company/government etc.) mostly for
agriculture production.  The agriculture product give to byer after
harvest as preset price. Sometime byer provide input cost and crop seed to farmers
and farmer produce the product as agreement. Though contact farming byer can
get demand base product and farmer get good price. 


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