Whilst the assault on the headquarters of the Stasi in the course of the revolution gota lot sympathy through the East German populace, they usually disliked the laterdestruction of monuments and the renaming of streets within the former GDR. Suchreactions, if something, will have to be checked out as a part of their wrestle for ancientidentity and now not as an expression of political support for the overthrown SEDregime. A outstanding instance of these conflicts was the destruction of the previousPalace of the Republic in East Berlin, the former web page of the Volkskammer of theGDR, in desire of the reconstruction of the erstwhile Hohenzollern metropolis castle (thedynasty of the previous German Emperor and King of Prussia), which by means of commandof the SED had been blasted within the early days of the GDR as an emblem of a reactionaryprior. The destruction of the Palace of the Republic was most likely viewedto be retroactive iconoclasm and a Western assault on optimistic reminiscences of theEast German populace, which encapsulated some elements of personal existence. Theweb page, for instance, had once been an extraordinarily standard location for early life initiations.This leads to the fourth side of transitional justice in Germany after reunification:the area of commemorative tradition. At the same time crook justice, rehabilitationand lustration mainly were concerns handled for the duration of the first two many yearsafter reunification, the value of commemorative culture naturally tends todevelop as extra time passes. The shift from lustration to commemorative tradition isspecially symbolized via the so-called Enquete-Kommission “Zur Aufarbeitungvon Geschichte und Folgen der SED-Diktatur in Deutschland” (Committee ofInquiry “on the Reappraisal of the historical past and the penalties of the SEDDictatorship in Germany”) of the German Federal weight loss plan. The Committee, between1992 and 1998, collected knowledge and knowledge on the political method of the GDRand now not least of all on its crook facets. The work of this all-partisan committeeof inquiry finally resulted within the establishment of the Bundesstiftung zurAufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur (Federal basis for the Reappraisal of theSED Dictatorship), which “promotes a comprehensive reappraisal of the causes,historical past, and impact of the dictatorship in the Soviet zone of occupation in EastGermany and the former GDR.”  The lion share of its endowment of approximately77 million Euros derives from former SED property.


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