Growing up, art has always been a hobby of mine and a good way for me to passtime. My parents would buy me plenty of notebooks and pens to expand my imaginationand improve my drawings. Being able to draw at a young age allowed me to viewproblems through a different lense, and utilize creative ways to solve them. Throughoutmy childhood, I’ve always tended to use creativity and different forms of art to cope withproblems in my life. I believe that being able to express yourself through any creativemeans (drawing, singing, dancing, etc) is important for any individual to grow. Throughthese creative outlets, people can utilize their emotions in conjunction with inspirationsto truly create something that is unique to them.As of recently, I started to practice my art by using my drawing tablet in withPhotoshop in order to create personal artwork while improving my techniques anddeveloping a style for myself. Having these tools has allowed me to expand mycreativity and imaginative skills through drawing for friends and personal art for myself.With inspiration from many of my favorite computer artists, I’m able to take advantage ofthe tools that I have in order to produce art that I enjoy. By drawing often, I’veprogressed in my sketching, linework, and coloring styles. I’ve learned to draw bothfrom a reference and imaginative concepts through practice and watching differenttutorials to utilize Photoshop and its many unique features. My style is mainlycartoon-based and it’s a perfect style for the kind of game companies that I want towork for in the future.Because of my art practice, my dream career is to become an illustrator for agame company (Blizzard, Riot, etc). Wanting to become an illustrator for video gameswould require me to have both creative and imaginative skills, which are bothemphasized in the major I’ve chosen. There are many courses with different arts whichwould allow me to learn multiple arts and forms that I wouldn’t be able to learn in othercourses. It’s important to have knowledge of different elements in many forms of art inorder to become a successful artist/illustrator. I plan to cultivate my art practice throughcollege by practicing different styles and expanding my overall artistic ability. It’simportant to study many different art techniques and styles because it would give me awider range of artistic skills which is useful since companies are looking for employeesthat are well-rounded. However, I still find that it’s important for artists to develop theirown personal style that they enjoy drawing. Going to UCSB’s College of CreativeStudies will help me find my own style and purpose through art and allow me to pursuemy dream to become a computer artist/video game illustrator.  


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