Learning the regions of the body and its terminology is very important to know. As a healthcare professional one needs to be able to identify in what location is a specific organ. For example, a patient with pain in the right upper gastic region could be gallbladder stones. Proper use of terminology is important because you need to be able to write notes and explain a diagnosis.
Directional terminology is useful for a healthcare professional in that he or she can locate different parts of the body related to each other (Tortora & Derrickson, 2017).
The organism level is composed of the whole creation of the human body created by the previous levels. The first level from a DNA, second cells, third tissue, fourth organ, fifth is system, and lastly is the organismal level.
I would like to know more about the nervous system. I believe the mind is such a fascinating organ, but at the same time it is fragile. For example, the effects of a stroke lead to physical impairment, loss of vision and speech. Its just amazing how a small blood clot in your brain can cause sometimes permanent damage and even death.

Tortora, G. J., & Derrickson, B. (2017). Principles of Anatomy & Physiology. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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