Larissa Nevarez
History 1301 Section 10
October 3, 2018
Response 4
The revolution changed America by revealing ideas of what liberty meant and who should have it. The revolution also had political and social struggles
America who had established freedom and was an independent country, was developing an economic system. As the economic system progressed, there were more skilled workers were needed. The wage workers would become indentured servants. Many people saw indentured servitude as a problem of inequality (VOF, Liberating Indentured Servants).

Benjamin’s thoughts on female education were that he found it necessary for women to be educated in order to have a successful future. Rush believed that women needed to be educated enough to have a degree which would allow them to pursue a career or a position relating to the government or in whatever they desired. Rush also believed that women should be well educated on the English language, not only did they need to know how to speak it, but also how to read and write it properly. A woman should be educated about the history, biography, and travels within the world itself. Women should also be educated about chemistry and natural philosophy; they shouldn’t be shamed for dancing because dancing promotes and renders the motions of the body. Rush believed that vocal music shouldn’t be neglected, it should be enforced because it would enable an educated woman to soothe the cares of domestic life (VOF, Rush, Thoughts of Slaves to the Massachusetts Legislature).

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The Petitions of Slavery in Massachusetts argued that their slaves deserved freedom. Slaves believed that just like all other men, they too, deserved natural and unalienable rights to freedom. Slaves wanted civil and religious freedom. Unwillingly slaves were sometimes sentenced to slavery for life. The Petitions of Slavery in Massachusetts was written in hopes that it would pass a law that would allow slaves to experience freedom which was the natural right of all men (Give Me Liberty, Petition of Slaves to the Massachusetts Legislature).

America established new ideas of liberty through the process of fighting to become independent from Britain.


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