a windy and sunny afternoon, Jack and his son went for kite flying.
When Jack bought a kite, the boss told him that if he wants to fly
the kite fairly and highly, he needs to know how to control the kite
string. As an engineer, Jack thought maybe he could figure out other
more concrete solutions to compute how much power he needs to fly a
kite step-by-step, for getting the best result. Known?A
kite gains lift while there is wind blowing up the kite, the surface
of the kite touch the moving air and generate lift force to the kite,
so that a kite airborne.There are some ways to make kite float on
the air. Since
a kite need to act against its own weight in order to reduce its
force, player should give enough force to the kite to climb.
The steady wind speed for flying a
kite is the main consideration during kite flying among other
different factors that may change the amount of lift
generated.Before releasing the kite to lift, hold it in the
direction of a tailwind rather than a head wind. This action can help
to provide some physical energy to fly a kite, and just simply tug it
to rise in the air. So that the proper velocity of wind can provide
enough power, to support and maintain the kite to aviate, as the
higher the altitude between the ground and the kite, the faster the
wind blows.The kite will continue to fly up to the sky, after the
kite is successfully being launched. To keep the kite cruise, it is
important to control and balance the tension of pulling the rope and
the height of the flying kite.The lift of the flight increase, if
the tug are being pulled to gain extra and faster wind speed. This
will make the kite float higher and stay in good condition.
Naive solution?Brute
force method. List all the possible pares, and compute them
individually. After getting all the results, choose the optimal one.
My solution?By
applying the way of linear programming. After knowing the balanced
relationship between wind speed and tug force, we can get the most
favorable solution by applying greedy algorithms.

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the result found from the above solutions, a programmed machine could
be installed on the kite handle, as well as a light-weight wind speed
sensor on the wings of the kite. The wind speed sensor will be linked
to the machine for the data transfer, wirelessly reporting it’s
real-time wind-speed which has been detected. The programmed input
the recorded wind-speed for the machine to compute the value of the
tension to pull the tethers, and this output will be shown on the
monitor. Finally, we can modify the pulling force by the value on the


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