What innovation was described in the film “joy”? Describe to what extent do you consider this an innovation.

Radical Innovation was describe on the film Joy because she was able to create a more innovative mop that the usual ones we’re already using. Instead the usual mop who can’t get to the sides of the floors, mop who needs to use your hands to remove the water, Joy invented a mop that is makes things more easier and cleaner. She invented a mop made out of a continuous loop of cotton with a handle  that could be twisted/squeezed to remove the water effortlessly without your hands getting dirty. Her miracle mop became a hit and that made her a successful entrepreneur.

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How did you find the ‘life story’ of joy? What particular event/aspect of her life did you find inspiring?

The life of Joy was very inspiring. When she was trying to sell her product in the QVC studios and the host ruined what could be a perfect opportunity for her product, she didn’t stop. She tried her best to convince Neil, the QVC executive that she’ll be tho one who’ll introduce her own product. Joy had nothing planned that day, she had no script and not ready to go on tv. She can’t even speak at first, but her friend called and asked about the product and suddenly, she’s gaining confidence and has delivered everything naturally from features, problems at home, and experiences.

Based on the film “Joy”, identify (3) sources of innovation. Discuss them briefly.

Experience. Her experiences gave her the idea of making the miracle mop. After the incident that happened on the yacht when the red wine glass was shattered into pieces, she had come up with the idea while mopping the floor, becoming frustrated that her usual mops wore out quickly, failed to fully absorb mess and that rinsing them took a lot of effort and made her hands wounded. Joy had one made out of a continuous loop of cotton with a handle  that could be twisted/squeezed to ring out the water effortlessly without your hands getting dirty.
Skill. Joy’s skill played a great role for the innovation of her product. She carefully and beautifully designed it to be useful for people who loves cleaning.

Based on the film “Joy”, what must be considered in coming up with an innovation. Describe three (3) factors that influence a ‘successful’ innovation.

Originality/creative mind. One must come up with a great idea that could surpass the level of satisfactory of a customers. Joy had come up with the idea that could help moms or people like her who always cleans. She based it on the problems she’s facing and thought pf a way to become life easier.
Confidence. When she had come up with the idea of miracle mop, she believed in herself that she will manage to come up with a prototype that will let people see what idea she wants to sell. She had a passionate and sincere belief in her own product.
Marketable. In inventing products, we must not forget how the price can affect the things we sell. It’s important that our product is affordable and can be used effectively in real time. 

Does innovation need to be complex? Discuss your answer by concrete examples/s from the film Joy. 


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