Job analysis is a set of processes to classify the content of a job in terms of activities elaborate and aspects or job requirements needed to accomplish the activities. Job analysis offers information of organizations which supports to determine which employees are best suitable for specific jobs. According to Human Resources of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2017) defined job description is a written statement that refer the work that is to be done and the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to perform the work.

Yiwugou (M) Sdn Bhd is a company that support the best online wholesale experience and thorough logistic services using the power of the Internet to lower the consumer’s cost. Being an accountant assistant in this company compulsory to prepare full sets of accounts and perform any other tasks assign by management. As an accountant assistants, must be really proficient in MS Office and other general computer skills.

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Core skills of being accountant assistants required a person to have a really good verbal and written communcation skills, have an outstanding attention to details since being an accountant assistants must to be an accurate person. Being an account assistants will be responsible in the maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers, account receivable, revenue distribution, depreciation, cost, assets and operating expenses. Yiwugou (M) Sdn Bhd compulsory a person who is knowledgeable in Autocount Accounting Software such as UBS Accounting System and MYOB to be an account assistant in their company.

Account assistant is capable to have communication skills since they need to tell the division behind the numbers in an easy-to-digest manner. Based on Yiwugou (M) Sdn Bhd requirement the account assistant in the company need to liase with external parties such as company secretary, auditor, tax agents and banker. Next list of requirements of being account assistant is to have strong leadership skills. A person that who can adjusts well to change and embraces continuous learning and personal personal development. Account assistants need smart business understanding if they are successfully help develop strategy, inform key decisions and work on cross-departmental collaboration within your organization.

The requirement of being account assistant is the capability to work well in teams, independently and always submit the task on time given. This company wanted to have a person who is competent to work independently and very excellent with multi-tasking skills and work efficiently under stress to meet tight deadline. Other than that, account assisstant should be logical and be capable to solve any problems that involves in accounting field.

Yiwugou (M) Sdn Bhd put a necessity to those person who wanted to be an accounting assistant for this company to have possess Degree in Accountancy or LCCI or something that is related with accounting fields. I am freshly graduated in Diploma in Accounting from Kolej Poly-tech MARA, Kuantan. And now I am still pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance with cooperation of Dublin Business School, Ireland.


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