Jessica Armantrout
Professor Elizalde
Summary #7
Jean Anyon PDF
This articles title gives somewhat of a summary of the main idea. The title tells the reader that Jean Anyon will be talking about social class and the education and security that children receive is compromised and is now a major issue. Anyon’s main argument in this article is that students receive different education based on their social backgrounds and the communities they come from. The location of the school also plays a role in what type of education the students are given. Jean Anyon even categorized the types of schools into four separate groups. These four groups are the working-class, the middle-class, the affluent professional schools, and the executive elite schools.
The four groups are given their own sections full of paragraphs explaining them. The first section is about the working-class schools.
Secondly, the next grouping is of middle-class schools.
Thirdly, the affluent professional schools are the topic of this grouping.

Lastly, executive elite schools are the last of the four groups of schools.

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