Jaykumar Patel
Manpreet SahotaEAC150SYP
2 January 2018
Full Title of Annotated Bibliography.”America and the Holocaust.”  Facing History and Ourselves, www.facinghistory. org/defying-nazis/america-and-holocaust. This source is a significant answer for all the actions Nazi are responsible for and how the US government played a non-serious role towards all the crisis that were emerging. This article relates to the topic of this research as it gives all the answers about the US government ignoring the Jews immigration process even though the Americans did allow some Jews to seek immigration but not on a large number hence they could have saved a lot of lives but US and their own financial and traditional crisis stood in the way of letting the Jews enter USA. Weakness was shown as not a proper outcome was portrayed by the author in result of crisis that was developed because of Nazi crimes. The author sums up the article by giving examples from other countries such as France and Dominican Republic and how they have gone through the same stage of struggle at one point.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php? ModuleId=10005143. The US president in this article is announcing a new law that puts a limitation on the number of refugee who can seek help and enter the USA. Jews in that era were really struggling and Nazi made their lives harder than ever. When Jews wanted to enter US, it came to their knowledge that the new and 32nd president of the USA Franklin Delano Roosevelt enforced a law that only allowed 3000 Jews to seek immigration. The financial struggles of USA at the time of world war two were really big. Letting too many people in the US without a confirm financial stability would have been a big risk. This source relates to my topic as it gives a massive reason why Jews could not seek maximum help from the US as they wished to.

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istory.com Staff. “American Response to the Holocaust.” History.com, A&E Television Networks, 2009, www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/american-response-to-the-holocaust , This source states how Americans responded to the situation that was going on in Germany as all the Jews were getting killed by Nazi and Adolf Hitler but the response to the situation was not quite appreciated. Jews were really hoping a nice welcome from the Americans but the US and its own problems made it harder for them to welcome the Jews and rescue them from Nazi atrocities. This source relates directly to the topic as US response to the Holocaust explains why the American government was not quite impressive when it came to rescue the Jews from the Nazi atrocities.

O’Hanlon, Michael E. “America’s Afghanistan problem: It’s not just about sending more troops.” Brookings, Brookings, 24 May 2017. O’Hanlon, Michael E. portrays our attention towards a serious matter that has been going on in Afghanistan. The US army needs more people in their team to fight against the crisis but instead the US government has not sent any more men to battle. This article relates to the topic of the research as the US government did the same thing when Jews needed help to rescue their lives but the answer they got was the same, lack of responsibility. The article is similar to USA Holocaust article because they both talk about how US government was slacking on making vital decisions like allowing more immigrants. This source is useful as it draws everyone’s attention towards the serious decisions every government in this world has to make.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “The United States and the Holocaust.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 25 Aug. 2017, www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005182.The US congress passed a law that put a massive restriction on immigration process as the quota laws in 1924 resulted in limiting the number of immigrants who could take advantage and seek help from a peaceful country like USA. Jews had a rough time in Germany which made them seek help from other countries in the world, US at that time was suffering from its very own financial and traditional crisis. The law that was passed only allowed certain number on Jews to enter the US. America’s open immigration policy just ended as they forced immigration quotas in 1921 and 1924 making it difficult for the Jews to ask for help even though the US government became aware of the Nazi atrocities. Immigration restrictions were possibly not the smartest choice in those circumstances as a lot of Jews had to face death because of that law.


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