It’s kind of a joke, and kind of an expression of a feeling of powerlessness and dread. As a generation, we are crippled by student loan debt. Can’t buy a house because the housing market is a catastrophe. Trapped in empty jobs services, gladly exploited by large corporations. Not unionized, and feeling the full force of a wage downfall. Retirement seems like a fantasy at this point. But that’s just the economy. The US is a wasteland. Our movies are remakes of remakes and the reselling of our childhoods back to us. Social networks actively spy on us. We’re always connected, yet feeling very isolated. We’re going to be around when the full effects of climate change set in and start taking its full effect. Millions of dollars of taxes are wasted, while it still seems education spending is being cut as with a variety of other important aspects. Our politicians refuse to take real action on the costs of education and healthcare. Our national politics, in general, are in shambles. Personally, I am not trying to depict millennials as human beings that do nothing except work a 9 to 5 job for the rest of their lives; never being able to catch a break. I am trying to shine light on the fact that the state of the world now is very different from many other generations, and sometimes it could feel like a lack of power and not being able to do anything about it.


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