It’s got a hidden beauty that’s so plain in sight. I love how everything
shines and glistens in the light. At night it’s all the more right with pine in the air. The morning air lingers with the smell of of baked delights all throughout day and to the night. There’s anticipation in the air for someone is watching , one who brings gifts to all good everywhere.

This season is nothing like the rest for they are all so different but for me
this one’s the best. There’s joy and laughter as kids of all ages play and have fun in a land of snow. They can wage war or build frosty, a man made of snow. Some will make angels and some will make forts , a day in this place is a day to relax,play, and to get away.

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While children play in the snow , parents get to know the ones they love
another year in a row. They gather by the fire , everyone smiling or having a good time. Mothers teaching daughters about their ways and what makes it special every Christmas Day. Couples are standing under mistletoe ,the elderly tell tales from when they were kids and of a man named Santa.

It’s a beauty filled season of holiday cheer ,It is winter and and Christmas
is almost here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do but even if you don’t there are still three other seasons.


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