It was an ordinary day in the world of Mandra when I got up in the morning, feeling refreshed and ready to head to work, unaware of the unfortunate events to come of that day. My colony was called the Oma (human like lizard people), we a peaceful bunch but in the eyes of the Sheera (Large grotesque beasts) we were seen as a source labor and forced to work in a meat processing factory for many years to come.
It was a normal day at the meat factory and as employee of the month I would routinely stay longer than anyone else and clean up the facility. As I was cleaning one of the hallways, one of the doors was opened so I assumed one of the workers left it open and went to shut it. As I got closer I started hearing voices coming for within the room so I decided to eavesdrop on the conversation. I could see the boss of the factory talking to many of his friends, discussing how profits were plunging. Everyone was panicking but the boss, he had a cool head and had everything planned out, he nodded his head and his assistant unveiled his idea. His idea was horrifying, he wanted to slaughter the Oma turn them in to tasty treats for profit.
I knew I had to get out of that place but I could not leave my people behind to be turned in to food products, so I had only one option and that was to obtain the power stones of the Oma. The Oma power stones were rumored to be hidden deep underground near the Oma colony, the power stones would put immense stress on the body and possibly kill the user but will allow them to generate large bolts of lightning at the targeted location. As I traveled to the destination I had to avoid many of the grunt forces of the Sheera but I was determined to stop this gruesome act and easily slipped past them. When I made it to the remains of the colony I quickly searched for clues about the power stones and learned that it was placed within my body my as an infant do to protect the stones from thieves within the colony but now that I have the stones I knew it was time to head back to the factory and stop this once and for all.
As I headed but to the factory I quickly learned how to use the power from stones and I obliterated any member of the Sheera that was in my way. I left a path of destruction on my way there and before I knew I was at the entrance to the facility. I walked through the front door and started evacuating my people, killing all the Sheera in my way. I quickly made it to the power source of the facility and knew I had to shut it down but before I could do anything the boss and his men surrounded me. I was cornered but knew I had to try anyways, so I mustard every bit of power out of the stones for one large release of energy. I could feel my muscles ripping apart from all the electricity that was bouncing around in my body and before I knew it the factory was falling apart around but I couldn’t move my body, it was out of commission and I was quickly swallowed by the debris.
A few days pasted before I woke up from the event not knowing how I survived, I tried to get up but struggled. After I finally got up on my two legs I began searching around for my colony and found that they have been searching for me. They rejoiced when they saw me and the colony began rebuilding.


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