It is thought that the Video Games are injurious to human brain and an obstacle of the human brain development. However, there is a misunderstanding assumption about Video Games between people. Contrary to many people belief’s, it enables us many advantages from cognitive thinking to physical activities. What many parents think today is that Video games are just wasting time and they restrict their child in a bad way. Although some parents concede that Video games are useful to the child, they often ignore it. There is a lot of searches conducted by the scientists and these searches show that Video games enhance the memory, improve the brain’s speed and more importantly, improving social skills. Besides, these are not only for the adults but also for the children. Over the past 30 years there has been a significant increase in teaching new methods via Video Games. These methods have been set up to transmit the knowledge and According to some researches, the new methods will likely to be produced in the near future. Sum up briefly, it offers us a lot of things about which we can’t even think it. But the real question is whether the humankind use it in a good way or not.


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