It is important to have a solid dress-code policy in the clinic in order to protect staff from harmful comments and to build up a proficient, confident, and secure image of the clinic which reflects the ideal medical services offered by the clinic.
All staff should dress in an appropriate and professional style to maintain a confident and proficient image for patients.
Guidelines for professional attire for the staff to commit:
It is necessary to keep your dress clean and neat.
It is unacceptable to dress evening wear, exposed midriff, sheer clothing, low-cut clothing, or any style of distracted dress.
All the staff, either in the front-office or assisting the physicians, should wear blue and navy scrubs with nametags. Clothing must fit closely about the body.
The staff are instructed to not wear closed-toed, non-sneaker shoes and definitely no flip-flops or beach sandals.
Any employee with body art must make sure that it is covered from sight at all times.
It is our goal to maintain an appropriate and suitable image for patients to gain the trust and confidence in our clinic.
If any member of the staff fails to commit to our standard dress-code policy, they would be entitled to progressive discipline, sending home without pay, suspension, and termination.
According to the high standards of well-being of health care for patients and employees, colognes, perfumes, after-shave, and scented lotions are prohibited in the clinic setting.
It is our obligation and commitment to ensure that our medical facility is a fragrance-free workplace, all staff are not permitted to bring or use any scented personal products or any natural or artificial scents that may be annoying or distracting to others.
Other scented items such as candles or potpourri are prohibited in the clinic setting.
Beards should be neatly trimmed.
Hands, Nails Neat, clean and well-groomed with fingernails trimmed short to medium in length (¼ inch long or less).
Dangling jewellery (neckwear, earrings, bracelets, wristwatches, rings or similar
articles) must not be worn except for medical alert bracelets.
Staff must secure long hair (hair must be tied back to prevent the potential for being caught in equipment). No artificial colours (e.g. pink, green, etc. that would be deemed unprofessional).

Unacceptable appearance
? Denim-like denim jeans; clothing made with flannel, fleece, and vinyl fabrics
? Athletic wear (fleece apparel, tracksuits, sweatshirts, racerback tank tops sweatshirt hoodies, etc.).
? Clothing that is overly casual (t-shirts, ‘cargo’ style clothing, clothing with large logos or slogans; flat sole sandals held on the foot by the Y-shaped strap that passes between toes, with or without a heel strap.
? Clothing that shows a portion of the undergarments (i.e. bra straps)
? Clothing that is ill-fitting, tight or revealing—such as revealing necklines.
? Garments that are shorter than 4 inches above the top of the knee (when
? standing)
? Strapless clothing; clothing that reveals the midriff or back
? Pants with drawstrings on the bottom of the pant legs
? Overall
? All types of tattoos are not acceptable, especially in exposed areas.
? Most body piercing and jewellery (nose or lips piercing) are not permitted with exception of ear piercing

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