it is also important with the auditor’s ethics and basic moral. This could be seen as the legislation is enough, because as long as individuals want to circumvent the law they will success and therefor it is even more important the ethics and moral of the audit profession is good.
None of the respondents have rejected or resigned an audit assignment because of an independence issue. This can be interpreted from different perspectives. The first interpretation is that CPC is a great tool to secure the independence since all of the respondents have been able to reduce all the threats they have come across. Another way to look at the answers is that the acceptable levels are too high, i.e. it is easy to reduce the threats to the level which is enough according to the legislation. A third way to interpret the answers is with an institutional viewpoint. The ethics and the moral of the profession might be so good that these threats easily can be reduced or eliminated. Many of the respondents also says the often consult their colleges to find a effective way of reduce the threat. If that is enough the ethics and moral of the profession must be very good.
CPC is a frequently used tool to secure the independence of the South African auditor and seem to figure in the back of auditors head, even if some respondents believe there are details in CPC that need a review. CPC could therefore be seen as a cornerstone but is not enough itself to secure auditors independence. In addition to the CPC the auditors must rely on the basic ethics and moral values, consult their colleagues and use experience in the quest to be and act independent.
Since it earlier has been suggested that behaviors can’t be legislated, a reasonable conclusion is that conditions, as independence, neither can be legislated. Therefore it seems naturally CPC needs complements to get auditors to act and be independent.
Since CPC appears to be more frequently used by younger auditors than auditors with more experience, it could be seen as an educational tool. During auditors education it is great focus on CPC and the independence issue, something that seems to reflect many years after the education. From that viewpoint CPC must be considered both vital and useful.


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