It has been a classic debate for many years: Which is a better pet, a dog or a cat? Let me ask you something. If a burglar entered your house, what would a cat do? It would probably not do anything to deter the unwelcome guest. But, if someone broke into your house a dog would probably start barking to get your attention and might even attack the intruder. A dog’s instincts could save you and your family from harm and loss of possessions. I believe that dogs are better pets than cats because they are wonderful companions, useful when taught tricks, and can help their owners have a healthier lifestyle.
One of the most attractive qualities in a dog is the companionship it gives to whoever cares for it. Dogs are not called “man’s best friend” for no reason. We laugh when they do something humorous and benefit much from the times when we can talk ourselves through our problems to such a patient and attentive listener. It is the argument of many that dogs show more affection to their owners than cats. Recently I went through a break up with my boyfriend that I had been with for about a year. I was pretty torn up about it and cried a lot. At the time my family had a small Yorkshire terrier that would sleep on my bed with me. Usually she would sleep at the foot of the bed, but when I would cry she would come and snuggle up next to me and gently sniff to see if I was alright. It always made me feel better to watch the little five-pounder do her best to comfort me.
Dogs also have the ability to learn useful tasks and tricks which is another reason I think they serve as better pets than cats.


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