Irregular warfare refers to not to direct attack on the opponent. This paper aim is to discuss the irregular warfare through the lens of Liberation War of Bangladesh. In this paper, discussion would be like characteristics of irregular warfare and its objectives, theory of irregular warfare in different conflicts like Mao Zedong, Che Guevara assumed in different irregular warfare basically their assumptions on different irregular warfare. Another part of this paper would discuss Mukti Bahini, Mujib Bahini, Kader Bahini and what is the motive behind the Teliapara strategy. Moreover, this paper would discuss the different dimension of irregular warfare through the perspective of Bangladesh liberation war and every dimension would describe the Bangladesh condition that time and another part of this paper analysis that India is savior mainly Indira Gandhi who is created the diplomatic pressure in the world and India support Bangladesh in domestic and moral both way. After that, this paper provides more information like the difference between conventional force and guerrilla force. Concluding part would discuss the whole paper mainly the summary of this paper.


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