Introduction to Dechlorane Plus DPs
Dechlorane plus lies in the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) category. Dechlorane plus is an active flame retardant. In 1960s DPs introduced and replace the Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and dechlorane also called mirex. In Pakistan 2007 people switch towards DPs and used it in various sectors of life. DP was observed in rivers, sediments, food items and air. All over the world DP was firstly observed in the Great Lakes of United States.
Structure of Dechlorane plus

Composition of Dechlorane Plus:
DP is composed of DPsyn and DPanti, the concentration of DPsyn and DPanti was 3:1 determined by using GC-MS (Gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy) system. In DP, DPsyn is arch over the DPanti. In isomers of DP, DPsyn was 71% was more prominent as compare to DPanti.DP formed by the combination of one unit of 1,5 cyclo octacaine and two units of hexa chlorocyclopentadiene.
The main source of Dechlorane plus is observed in city of Pakistan, Lahore Gujranwala.Electronic waste is also main source of dechlorane plus.Burning, Dumping and Recycling of electronic products are active source of Dechlorane plus Other sources of emission of DP are manufacturing plants and use of different DP containing products such as furniture, cable wires etc .Through air transportation DP deliver into the environment.
Though DPs has been used for last 40 years. In Pakistan DP has been used in various sectors. At large scale, DP used in computer accessories, housing, furniture industry, high impact polystyrene, textile coating and polyurethane foam. Polymers also contain DPs and in Pakistan polymers are widely used.

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