The company we have chosen to conduct our research is Econsave Cash & Carry (KR) Sdn. Bhd. which located at Kampar, Perak. Econsave is one of the largest grocery retailers in Malaysia. In Selangor, Econsave has the largest and most extensive network of branches in all the main towns, and it is unmatched by any other supermarket or hypermarket operators. Besides, Econsave has a strong presence nationwide, and it is constantly looking for new opportunities throughout Malaysia. As far as I know, Econsave currently operates a chain of hypermarkets in Malaysia, and they are one of the top three retailers in Malaysia. I also found out that the Econsave Group currently operates 60 retail outlets in Malaysia, and they are looking for people who are passionate about the grocery industry as well as for being part of a company that is constantly growing. However, the vision of Econsave is to create a management team full of dedicated professionals with a strong integrity, high level of professionalism, emphasises excellence, and dynamic decision-making process. By the way, the mission of Econsave has two major elements. First, aim to offer the cheapest prices in town at all times with their slogan “Bandingkan Harga Kami” Compare Our Price. Second, strive to attract increasingly more loyal customers to Econsave by practicing “Every Day Low Price (EDLP)”.

In order to have more understanding regarding to Econsave Cash & Carry (KR) Sdn. Bhd., I was conducted a SWOT analysis on this company. First, the strengths of Econsave is it has own strong brand name and valued service. Compared to other big company, Econsave is far less coordinated which caused them more adaptable compared to others. Econsave also had competitive prices strategy that focused price cuts made it possible for it to draw in far more consumers via competitiors along with catch the volume that backed the bottom prices. As you understand, Econsave has bigger business structure because its business core does not focus only in main city but it also operated at almost every district, and had more than 60 outlets in Malaysia.

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Second, the weaknesses of Econsave. Although Econsave has a lot of outlets distributed in Malaysia, the transportation cost is keep raising year by year due to the distance between outlets are far. Econsave has its own transportation, HQ lorries that help them to send their products to each outlet daily. However, if there is opening of new outlets, the transportation expense will also increase. Increasing geographical spread maks focus on specific markets also make this company difficult to adapt. Anyhow, Econsave deficient in online business. If they make their business in online, they able to compete with other companies.

Third, the opportunities available in Econsave. Because of larger parking area available, Econsave managed to accommodate big quantity of customers. The size of parking area had almost similar with the Econsave building. By the way, the opportunities in Malaysia have provided many great possibilities for the company growth. Econsave can make a plan for strategic alliance with other prominent companies. Besides, there are a lot of opportunities of opening new outlets at Sarawak and Sabah due to the region only has one outlet for each. In this case, Econsave has the high prospective to enter the Asian market, and become an outstanding international company in Asia.

Last, the threats faced by Econsave. Tough competition from bigger companies such as Giant, Tesco and Mydin had brought a lot of threats to Econsave. Because of economic downturn, the fluctuation in taxes may influence the Econsave financial, and bring negative effects to Econsave. However, Econsave also may encounter the problem of increasing in material cost. Anyway, Econsave has to focus more in the aspects of innovation and technology due to a lot of other big companies are more advanced than Econsave.


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