South African Breweries (SAB) is the major beer selling company in South Africa. During its activities of beer making they involve many chemical processes with chemical compounds that provide their beer with distinct taste, scent as well as its look. Most of mixtures in beer are derived from energy-releasing activities of plants and yeast with carbohydrates, hoops and water. This essay will tackle the fermentation metabolic process of which it is a major process in beer making as it converts sugars into alcohol in the deficiency of oxygen (Lois L.A & Kischinevzky M, 2010).
Fermentation process
This is a method of converting a carbohydrate like glucose or starch into alcohol as well as an acid (Helmenstine, 2017). Fermentation process is being performed by yeast in order to attain energy by conversion of sugar into alcohol and the bacteria accomplish the process of fermentation in the same way in the conversion of carbohydrates into lactic acid to acquire energy. In beer production, various kinds of malt are being creased to achieve sugars that are fermentable in order to attain powdered product named grist (Siebenthal, 2014). After mash conversion and boiling, the fermentation process starts. The first procedure is an addition of yeast through the lining of the fermentation vessel. The yeast transforms the sugar wort to beer by means of manufacturing alcohol, with wide-ranging of tastes and the by-product of CO2 that is being used in the later stage to provide the beer sparkle.
Alcoholic fermentation
In general the fermentation of alcohol is the manufacture of ethanol (Ashwati, 2018). Normally yeasts are used in the manufacture of numerous alcoholic beverages, along with industrial liquor. This Saccharomyces-0cerevisiae (yeast) can as well produce as extra anaerobes.

The importance of choosing a type of yeast in beer production
Most people benefit a lot from products of fermentation, especially yeast because CO2 and alcohol is not wanted by the human body, as the increase of alcohol turn out to be poisonous and thus killing the cells (Lois L.A & Kischinevzky M, 2010). Yeast is very important in tolerating the absorption of alcohol between the range of 15% and 10% in order to keep the percentage of alcohol in a maintained range. For that reason, beer manufactures can choose diverse strains of yeast in order to yield altered alcohol substances in their fermented brews, between the range of 5-21% of alcohol by means of volume and thus for For brews using greater concentrations of alcohol, the fermented yields need distillation process.
Beer has performed a great job in the past backdrop of our world aimed at huge number of years and even aided us shape our reality. Regardless of the fact that it might cause health issues, such as gaining weight, through some restraint beer can turn into a healthy peace of a man abstain from food. It can increase excessive cholesterol, battle coronary illness, and thus various health associated issues. Certain individuals of citizen have encountered distress over the extreme drinking of alcoholic brews and thus extra government regulations have been introduced and also new warnings have been added to beer labels, cautioning of weakened driving, risks to pregnant females, and other wellbeing sicknesses linked with liquor utilization.

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