According to Wikipedia “Governance refers to all of the processes of governing, whether undertaken by a government, market or network, whether over a family, tribe, formal or informal organization or territory and whether through the laws, norms, power or language of an organized society”. ……………
There different meaning of governance which ranges from: distributive and constitutive sides of politics; governance as steering and controlling governance as rules of the game; governance as a process and governance as an activity. In this paper I will write about the different meanings of governance highlighted above.

Distributive and Constitutive Sides of Politics
Rule of law, Justice system, human rights, democracy, human security, institutional effectiveness: 16
Constitutive (versus distributive) side of politics (who sets what rules, when and how?): Page 6
Intimate empirical interconnections; but analytical value of distinctions
• Governance might operate from community level right up to international levels depending on the nature of the activity
• The conventional needs approach to development relies more on the distributive side-who gets, what , when and how- (verus constitutive) and does not ask for changes in the rules of the game
• SL relies more on the constitutive side of politics (it calls for changes in power relations by focusing on empowerment and access to resource

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Governance refers to the following: Page 13
The steering of societies and organisations to
achieve desired and national objectives and goals
The setting of rules for the exercise of power,
including who has access to political power, how
those in power deal with those who are not, how
those in power are held accountable
The capacity of the state to organise social and
economic activity according to rules, and to
enforce compliance with those rules
Mechanisms and institutional arrangements for
articulating the interests of citizens and their
involvement in decision-making processes

Governance as Steering and Controlling

Control The Project Steering Committee is a decision-making body within the project governance structure that consists of top managers and decision makers who provide, review and monitor strategic direction and policy guidance to the project team and other stakeholders. The committee also provides recommendations on project approaches and participates in discussing general strategies and opportunities for project planning and implementation.


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