Interpreting the Sermon on the Plain
Interpreting the Sermon on the Plain
The passage, which I chose, was Luke 6: 27-29, which talks about loving your enemy and doing good to those who hate you. This passage is important as it stresses on the importance of love to one another, which is the main basis for Christianity. Jesus loves us even though we are sinners and even died for us so that we may be free from sin and have everlasting life. It is important for believers to love one another and even their enemies (Schenck, 2003).

Luke chapter 6 is analyzing some of the teachings of Jesus Christ about living in light of the coming Kingdom of God. In these two chapters, Jesus is teaching about love which is important for those who are called by his name as this helps in keeping believers in unity (Schenck, 2003). Love is important since darkness cannot drive away darkness. Showing hatred to those who hate us and revenging on those who do evil things to us is not a principle of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This will lead to more evil and hate, which will lead to sinners not to join the kingdom of Jesus. Loving our enemies is also an important Christian example for others to emulate (Schenck, 2003). However, showing love to them will positively impact them which may lead to them joining the kingdom of Jesus.
These verses also warn believers of revenging for any wrong things done to them (Luke 6:27). This verse is aimed at helping believers in overcoming some of the negative issues, which they may face while on their ministry on the earth. If other individuals curse them, they should not curse them rather pray for them and bless them, which is an act of sacrifice for the sake of love and the kingdom of God (Schenck, 2003). This verse can be applied to a contemporary personal situation where a neighbor becomes an enemy and does bad things to a believer, which is meant to cause harm to them. This verse guides us in that we should not return evil for evil rather we should show love even to our enemies (Schenck, 2003).
This may be against most of the principles of the ordinary individuals, however, as believers, we should not focus on ourselves rather sacrifice some of the issues which may be hurting just as Jesus Christ did for us (Schenck, 2003). Loving our enemies does not necessarily mean being friends rather showing them love just as Jesus did to those who mocked him and even crucified him for our sake (Schenck, 2003). This can be achieved by respecting them and showing compassion to them. By believers showing love to their enemies, they do not have much to lose. However, they have much to gain as the showing love to the enemies may even positively impact them and lead them to salvation which is much better than retaliating which could lead to more worse situations (Schenck, 2003).

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Schenck, K. (2003). Jesus is Lord!: An introduction to the New Testament. Louisville, Ky: Triangle Publishing.


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