interests and volunteering activities:
My brainchild startup xxx incorporates technology, entrepreneurship and social impact. It is based on Drop-shipping Model. We identified that Florists in Tier-2 cities depend on retail spaces for the earning. We collaborated such flower vendors and provided them a platform using which they can deliver flowers in their own cities.For this they only needed a mobile phone with internet. We created an application through which orders were assigned.A T factor calculated…… The ties we built grew as our company grew.
Outside work ,I involve in recreational activities such as cooking, music and travelling. I have travelled to every state of my country and few international destinations in USA ,Europe, South Asia. I explore new places like another world passport holder and it gave me experiential learning opportunities. As Junior coordinator of school’s Green club I took initiatives to coordinate expeditions and trips. My interest in travelling grew due to my admiration of nature’s beauty and hence my association with environmental organizations. As a volunteer in Accenture’s environment team , I visited nearby village schools for tree plantation and organized quizzes, essay and poetry competitions with environmental themes.I am also engaged with Craftswala Social Welfare society, dedicated to welfare of orphans. I was honored with an appreciation certificate for my active involvement. I look forward to being an active member of your campus communities. “Women in STEM” specially grabbed my attention and I feel I can contribute being a Women in STEM already.


I'm James!

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