Initium Novum will have a structure that is reminiscent to our solar system, with a spherical main part in the middle and 6 smaller spherical structures that connect to this main part as well as to each other. The main sphere will be where all the settlement’s production systems will be located while each of the small spheres will be in charge of either agriculture, research and control. People will be living in these smaller spheres as well. It will be made of layers of metal alloys, polyethylene, which will be the material that would be used as protection against harmful radiation, and nanocellulose. The settlement would be located 500 km from Earth in ELEO.The internal atmosphere would have similar components to that of the earth’s. Oxygen and carbon dioxide levels would be regulated by plants and by the decomposition of carbon dioxide using UV radiation while nitrogen would be acquired, if necessary, by harnessing it off of comets and lunar soil as well as by reversed Haber’s process. Atmospheric pressure will be maintained by centrifugal compressors and temperature would be regulated by heat exchangers. Humidifiers will be working to sustain sufficient humidity levels and filtering the internal atmosphere would be done with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters and, if supplies permit, carbon as well. Overall, the control system will be playing an important role in maintaining the atmosphere. As for gravity, the settlement will be rotating in attempts to create artificial gravity, which will be using centripetal force. The value of artificial gravity will be equal to centripetal acceleration, which would be 9.8 – 10 ms-2. As for the rotation of the bigger sphere, it would have to be around 0.316 times per minute in order to allow 1g in the smaller spheres, with around 0.033 ms-2 of gravity in the bigger sphere itself. Consequently, the Coriolis effect would be greatly reduced.To supply the settlement with energy, it will turn to solar power, which will be used to power internal lighting and control temperature, to say the least. Contrarily, water will be recycled using the ECLSS Water Recycling System and water purification machines such as the ones on the ISS. As for filtering water, the concept of forward osmosis will be done. Additionally, the supply of water will be maintained by hydrogen fuel cells and the Sabatier system. Furthermore, in relation to the resources aboard the settlement, samples of the required materials would be obtained from earth as readily available backup material. Harnessing resources is another possibility from masses like asteroids and the moon, as well as recycling existing material. Necessary processes, like refining, melting and shaping, would be accomodated in the central sphere of the settlement. However, when speaking of actually manufacturing items, Initium Novum will turn to 3D printing, which will use Fused Deposition Modelling and Laser Deposition Technologies.As for food, agriculture would still be maintained in the settlement, with plants being grown hydroponically by water culture, recovery drip systems and nutrient film technique. On the contrary, to manage waste, Initium Novum will make use of a unique toilet system, which will work on the basis of recycling and will be another method of producing water. Furthermore, all transport will be managed by the central sphere which will consist of control rooms. Internal transport consists of elevators, space cars/pods and metro service which which carry people and materials between spheres. External transport comprises space shuttles as well a new technology being developed which transports capsule on a thread. On the other hand, the communication system on the settlement will be similar to Earth’s, with an internet connection that will rely on the DTN protocol. In terms of external communication, network satellites as well as Deep Space Optical Communications technology would be used to communicate with Earth along with internet using DTN protocol. The settlement will have its own economy that will remain in touch with Earth’s. Because of this, it will be actively trading with the Earth, especially during its early decades, to increase its wealth by space tourism, research activities, novel materials and transferring energy. The settlement’s government will be small and society overall will be run by its residents and private firms. Moreover, Regulated and Sovereign Backed Cryptocurrencies will be used within the settlement in place of physical monies typically used on Earth. Similarly, the settlement will aim to build a new society and, as mentioned earlier, it will be autonomous. Furthermore, there will be a variety of people co-existing in the settlement, most of whom would be community-driven. Adding to that, necessary public services would also be provided by initially connecting to Earth and later becoming self-sufficient. Some focal services will include courts, education and health care.


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