COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF A  MULTINATIONAL By- Malcolm Karanjia ContentIntroduction Business objectivesHuman resources Marketing Environmental and Ethical issues Bibliography IntroductionInfosys limited is an Indian multinational company which provides customers with business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. It is the second largest Indian IT company by 2017 and 596th largest public company in the world if it’s revenue is considered. It has a credit rating of A- and as of June 30th 2017 it’s market capitalisation was 34.3 billion dollars. Infosys was initially started in 1981 by 7 engineers in Pune, with a capital of 250 dollars with the name ‘Infosys Consultants Private Limited’. In April 1992 they changed their name to ‘Infosys Technologies Private Limited’ and then changed its name again to ‘Infosys Technologies Limited’ when it became a public limited company in 1993. And then recently it changed names again to ‘Infosys Limited’. It signed it’s first client, Data Basics Corporation in New York in 1981. Their first international office was opened up in Boston in 1987. Then in 2000 their revenue was 200 million dollars and they open offices in France and Hong Kong. Their revenue doubled in just a year as in 2001 their revenue became 400 million dollars and in the same year they were rated as the best employer. In 2004 their reached 1 billion dollars. Then in 2009 they are selected as a member of the Global Dow. Their employee strength grew over 100,000. In 2012 they were listed on the NYSE market. In 2017 they completed their buy back program of 10,000 crore rupees which is around 5% of the total outstanding equity shares. Infosys have come a really long way, from only having 250 dollars as capital in 1981 to being one of the largest companies in the world in 2017 and having one of the largest capital.Objectives: They have 3 main objectives: Social,Environmental and business. Social Encouraging Scientific Research. They believe that spreading the culture of science and research will help to inspire kids and researchers. They also have an infosys prize and they have given 44 scientists and researchers this prize. They want to continue to recognize young researchers and scientists in many different categories through the Infosys Prize Corporate Social Responsibility They support programs across india in the areas such as health care, education, rural development art and culture. They want to inspire children, to create new and innovative technology through the Infosys Foundation.They want to continue to spearhead social transformation programs for the most needy and remote communities across india through their foundation. They want to professional development in computer science and making for teachers and boost hands on experience for children in under-represented schools and communities.  EnvironmentEnergyThey want to maintain their fiscal 2017 performance in terms electricity consumption. They wantl meet 50 % of their electricity requirements from renewable energy sources.WasteThey want to treat 100% of their food waste onsite for making biogas. Water They want to maintain their fiscal 2017 performance in terms of consumption. Business Employee well-beingThey want to continue to facilitate the all around development of their employees through their HALE program. They want to create opportunities for professional growth by bringing new and training procedures. Business sustainabilityThey want to decrease the problems for their clients and they want to create solutions in  Design Thinking Mode They also want to be at 0 distance from their clients which basically means that they want to be there for their clients as soon as their clients need them.HUMAN RESOURCESRecruitment They want their employees to have the ability to attract, develop and retain top talent. The HR department of Infosys is trying to figure how to deal with with the challenges of aging workforce trends. They want to develop real time HCM analytics to enable competitive edge decision making. Motivational factorsIf their workers are doing exceptionally well infosys wither gives them a pay raise or they give them a lot of recognition and security. To see how most of the staff are motivated infosys has staff questionnaires. They make them understand the primary objectives so that they know what they’re doing and the infosys HR department feels that the staff is “more motivated” when they know what they have to do. They also feel fear plays a huge part in motivating the staff. The infosys foundation also helps in motivating young researchers, engineers and scientists to come up with something innovative and they give out an “Infosys Prize” to them the best one can get up to 65 lakh rupees.  Organisational structureThe Organisational structure of infosys is a mixture of both tall and wide as the COO & Director have a lot of people under them and the CEO & MD have very less people who answer straight to them. Wide structure is good as the information can be passed a lot faster compared to the tall structure but the tall structure is an autocratic leadership so the workers will have to listen to the COO & Director. MarketingProduct Infosys doesn’t have products as they only provide services but they give services like: Application Outsourcing Services Application Outsourcing Services They include: Application development- which helps evolving business and technology challenges by designing and building applications made to meet our business requirements Application  Maintenance- this increases the existing IT applications through offshore ability analysis and enhancements. Application managements- this offers a wide range of support across many platforms and technologies. They also have : NIA (Next generation Integrated AI Platform) Infosys consultingInfosys information Platform Edge Verve systems which also includes ‘Finacle’ which is a banking platform used all over the world. PriceInfosys uses RBP (relationship based pricing) They feel that this type of pricing will be the best for organisations as this pricingThis pricing helps keep revenue leakage low as banks can avoid errors like over / under charging the customers. The monitoring processes are very effective and they help banks identify potential cases where revenue can be lost. Customers can get the best deals possible through this pricing strategy. The customers will be not have the problems of managing many bills which improves customer satisfaction.This pricing strategy helps banks increase revenues and minimize their costs. Automated pricing and billing processes save the bank a lot of money because of consolidated billing because of this they will require lesser resources in the office. The method of bundling or packaging products brings down the cost of selling new products.PlaceThe infosys headquarters is in Bengaluru, India. But their presence is in more than 50 countries and they have over a thousand clients around the world. It has offices in America, China, Germany, Australia,Sweden and many other countries.They also want to expand more in Germany. PromotionThey have taken “Academic Entente” which creates chances for the employees of infosys to manage work and learning at the same time by sponsoring trips, speaker sessions and many other things. They also have an ‘Infosys Foundation’ which helps with the green aspect of the company and infosys is one of the top 20 green companies. They also hand out an “Infosys Prize” to young scientists, researchers and engineers. Environmental and Ethical issues For years infosys has been trying to help the environment better and make it more sustainable, one of its main focuses is environmental sustainability. The Infosys foundation has been doing a lot of hard work not only for the environment but making lives better for the poor and needy as well which is very ethical and shows that they don’t only care about the money but they care about the people as well, they are trying to make the world a better place. They will be working with non profitable organisations that provide food for schools in India and they are also going to work with organisations working in the medical department and are going to try and help them with their projects. Eg: cancer treatment, cataract surgeries etc.  Conclusion Infosys have come a really long way from where they’ve started and they’re growing day by day. Their main job is to make sure that the customers are satisfied and that they can give them the best service with not such a big price. They have an ‘Infosys Foundation’ which helps the environment and the poor and the needy, Infosys is one of the top companies in the world and it has huge capital it is also one of the top 20 green companies in the world. They aim to make their services better and to use less energy while doing so. They want to improve their technology too.Bibliography  Limited, Infosys. “Infosys. Be More. Do More.” Infosys – Consulting | IT Services | Digital Transformation, only used infosys’ website as they had everything I needed.


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