Information Systems is a set of the interrelated components that can be tasked/used to collect, manipulate, store, output data and information the main purpose of giving feedback to meet the objective.

Today, many organization, Institutions, and businesses use Information Systems successfully, others do not. Though the hardware and the software is the latest and has appropriate technology, its use is more for the collection and storage of data and its elementary processing. There are some factors which make the Information Systems a success and some others, which make it a failure. Today I will base my argument in two main non-technical factors which positively influence implementation of IS as follows:

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Organizational Factors
There two variables in organizational dimension, which include top management support, and end user training.
Management support refers to the general support that is given by the top leadership in a firm, company, institution or organization. The management is always aware of the benefits of the use of information system in their place of work hence they always support or encourages the use of the Information Systems for job related work. They always provide necessary assistance and resources to enable workers to use the IS effective and sufficiently.
Also to ensure the successful implementation of IS, most of the management have gone extent of providing quality access to hardware resources when need arise and software.

The end user training refers to the amount of training provided by computer specialists in the company, friends, consultants, or educational institutions external to the company. The end user training ensures a change on the perceived usefulness and user satisfaction. The training can be conducted in; Information Systems, the use of operating systems, software and hardware to ensure comfortability and ease by the users (employees).
People/Human Factors
There are two variables in people or human dimension, which include user experience, and computer self-efficacy.


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