“The best in India will always be the best in the world when it comes to education.”
~JOHN C. James, former vice chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University

This is something we should be proud of. However, are we really that nation? Providing the same level of education? Growing children to encourage them to pursue their interests and helping them live their dreams? Or are we pushing our generation which has high capability of learning and exploring into an environment of discomfort, rout learning, exploitation and scared of the usual norms of society?

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In schools, teachers always mention a statement to students stating that…

“Children, there are no silly questions!”
Students hesitate to ask questions. Why? They are afraid to be wrong, face the punishment or be abashed in front of their friends.
Indian education is classified in four main categories-
• Science
• Technology
• Engineering
• Mathematics
Other fields, other courses are just not given importance and are put to another side of the globe. This is quite unacceptable. If only the industrial revolution sided us apart from learning all types of things then what about the art on the walls of caves which we have admired, learned about and preserved. They have not provided us with money but they have taught us how far we have travelled from time. An Indian family believes that the science stream is the safest to pursue as one can switch if he or she is further not interested. Why are we experimenting at the first place? Why not let the student away from people’s judgment and let him or her Think! Sink! Wink to his or her right and interested field.
In India, we alone produces engineers equivalent to engineers produced in China and U.S.A. and we produce 26-30 gold medals per year whereas these two nations cross 100 in Olympics individually.
Appreciating, understanding and absorbing the knowledge are which needs to be inculcated into our students instead of memorizing and rout learning. Making sure that kids do look into their co-curricular activities and try to give a good time to other fields so that they know exactly what they want to do in their future. Instead of pretending to be humans evolving from-

• Australopithecus
• Homo erectus
• Engineers
• Finally Homo sapiens

Our generation is concentrating on lot of things right now but most importantly we have been focusing on English, Sex Education, Gender Equality and Course itself. Gender equality is still not been properly implemented and needs to be heeded. Parents have never brought the sex education topic in front of their children but they still have a problem if two different sexes talk or are friends with each other.
Counseling in schools and colleges should be an integral part. There are different types of people in these prestigious institutions who need help with depression, stress, changes and adolescence.
Children just need to feel comfortable, have a feeling and encouragement of learning a new thing every day. Try to ask questions without being afraid.
Institutions are temples of knowledge in India and it should remain that way with slight changes of the way we teach. Instead of having monotonous, dragging and scribbling of books and notebooks, we should innovate and surprise students with their lively educative environment.


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