In this particular hotel the primary target is business or corporate travellers. They are considered to be the primary target because of their eagerness to or their company’s willingness to pay higher room prices. Such primary targets are always looking for fast internet speed, they get an access to all electronic devices such as printers, fax machines, scanners and they also get an access to the club lounge or to the hotel lounge. 48% of the guests in the hotel industry are considered to be business or corporate travellers. (Powers, Tom, 2012). Such type of primary target doesn’t have the tendency like leisure, families, couples to explore the hotel, dine in the restaurant, or explore the city but they are more of staying in the hotel room working, and hotels need to provide high quality of service to such kind of travellers as they are the considered to be the highest paying guest’s in the entire hotel. The hotel needs to make sure that they provide high level service to such clients by offering brilliant rooms, room service, and desk with internet access.


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