In “The World Turned Upside Down” an article called Speech to Captain John Smith, is what recounted in an exchanged with the Indian leader Pohawtan. The speech was later on published by John Smith himself in 1612. The Powhatan people are a Native American tribe from Virginia. In some instances, The Powhatan, may refer to one of the leaders of the people. In this case, Powhatan is the chief of a large Confederacy consisting of around 32 tribes living in the Virginia area. He was seen as a strong and powerful leader who wants the best for his people. John Smith was a soldier and adventurer in Europe and Asia before he became involved in establishing a settlement in North America. In April 1607, he was one of the captain on three ships landed Virginia. The price is expensive for being the first settlers without having well-prepared for life in the new and harsh environment. Half of the colonists died during the first winter of 1607 due to disease, malnutrition, and frequent attacks by Indians. The survivors depended heavily on the Powhatan Indians to feed and assist them. They traded English manufactured goods for much needed Indian corn. The connection thought went well at that stage. However, the English aggressive behavior is what alienated them and put the relationship at risk. Thinking ahead the English will soon make their move of destruction, as the leader, Powhatan delivered a speech threatened to starve captain John Smith and the white men with him if they chose to wage war.


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