In the novel To kill a MockingBird by Harper Lee there is a lot of topics. Today i want to talk about how atticus is a good father. Atticus is hard working Dad with two kids Jem and Scout. Atticus works in the courtroom and he has his own desk at home were he works as well so he isn’t really around Jem and Scout a lot but he does go and eats supper with them. While Atticus is at work Calpurnia is watching after Jem and scout because the mother had died. So from before i think atticus is a good father due to his fairness, honesty, compassion, bravery and care.
Atticus fairness shows that he is a good father to Jem and Scout because instead of denying Jem and Scout of the things they ask for, he allows them a chance to explain. For example Scout tells Atticus that she doesn’t want to go to school anymore he says to her “do you know what a compromise is?” Then Scout asks him if it is bending the law he replies. “No a agreement of mutual concessions.” If you’ll concede the necessity of going to school well go on reading every night just as we always have is it a bargain? (Page 31). This shows fairness because rather forcing Scout to go to school he gives her a choice on whether on not to agree with the bargain.
Another reason Atticus shows fairness is when Jem destroys the flowers of Mrs. Dubose who she would like to torture people that walked by her house. After Jem destroyed the flowers Mrs. Dubose told Atticus vicious comments. Since atticus sense of Justice he does not care if someone likes him or not he treats them respectfully and fairly no matter what. So Atticus tells Jem to apologize
Atticus is also a good father because he is honest with Jem and Scout. Scout and Jem are attacked by Bob Ewell. In the next chapter we discover that Bob Ewell was dead lying under a tree with a kitchen knife in his ribs. After Jem told Atticus his side of the story Atticus is leading to that Jem killed Bob Ewell in self defense. Atticus doesn’t want people in the town to think that he did not bribe jem off a charge of homicide. Atticus says if the case goes to court so be it he will defend Jem like he did Tom Robinson and it was the honest thing to do.(Chapter 28)
A big moment for Atticus is when he show compassion for taking Tom Robinson in the case that he knew he would lose and that people would turn against him. Atticus truly believed that Tom was innocent and showed compassion for him. Throughout the novel Atticus also showed constant compassion for Boo’s privacy. Atticus lectures Jem and Scout about bugging him too much and doesn’t give in to their curiosity about him. In the end Atticus has compassion on Boo and agrees with heck on the story of how Bob Ewell died.
After Atticus had lost the case of Tom Robinson Atticus shows bravery when he sits outside the jail protecting Tom the night Tom is arrested for the rape of Mayella Ewell. Later on a mob comes to the jail in hopes of killing Atticus and Tom but with the help of Scout she prevents the attempt by the mob. Atticus also shows bravery when he shoots the rabid dog (Tim Johnson) as the the rabid dog or Tim Johnson wanders the town and is a threat to the citizens, Atticus who was considered a good shot kills the dog before it can do any harm.(Chapter 10)
Finally Atticus is shown as very caring throughout the novel. Atticus first priority for Jem and Scout is the education especially reading. Atticus really shows his concern for when Scout’s first grade teacher tells Scout not to read anymore at home but to read with her. Since Atticus would read to Scout when Scout went to read to the class the teacher was really surprised when Scout could read really good. Which in this case shows that Atticus really cares about Scouts reading and education which when Scout told Atticus this news Atticus was angry. (Chapter 11)
Throughout the novel Atticus plays very important roles in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In conclusion these are the reason Atticus is a good father because Atticus shows fairness, honesty, compassion, bravery and care.


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