In the history of industrialization, there have been many revolutions and now we are on the cusp of moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The ‘Industry 4.0’ as it is known around the world, advances the trend of automation and manufacturing through Digitization and Networked Production. With cyber physical systems, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0 creates what we call a Smart Factory. The lack of clear digital operations vision and leadership from top management and unclear economic benefit are some of the biggest challenges facing the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing and my goal is to tackle these issues after finishing my MBA.

This includes Advanced analytics, digital factory, augmented reality, additive manufacturing,
The manufacturing industry is expected to gain high momentum by improved operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, remote management and streamlining production through the use of … but there are problems like lack of …

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After 10 years at experience in the engineering and manufacturing industry, I now have the necessary experience to broaden my understanding of organizations and businesses and start a different learning curve in pursuit of my goals.

My short term goals revolve around gaining contacts and sufficient experience by working for a global consulting company that specializes in green technology. A global company would give me the opportunity to understand international energy markets, especially those of developing countries, which are dependent, to a large extent, on fossil fuels. My experience as a consultant would fine tune my leadership skills, help me develop a global network, and provide opportunities to bring innovations in management practices. All these qualities will prepare me in my endeavor to achieve my ultimate goals.

I envision my long term goals to take shape in India. In an effort to pull its citizens out of poverty, India has devised ambitious plans for rapid economic growth. The demand for fossil fuels, which contribute to CO2 emissions and global climate change, is only bound to increase. I strongly believe that the future of India lies in its ability to make its institutions energy efficient in an environment friendly manner – thereby stimulating national growth and energy independence. I plan to set up an organisation that will develop innovative ideas to bridge the gap between the origin and destination of green technology. A team of consultants will source the most effective means of alternate energy, provide tools to evaluate and quash commercial carbon footprints, and help the government plan ‘economically viable pollution norms’ that are stringent yet realistic.

My ambition is to exploit this huge economic opportunity, by sparking a “green revolution”, and to watch the metamorphosis of India into a truly ‘green’ developed nation!


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