In the beginning of the semester we choose topic about child labor, then we find some problems that we can’t ask children for the survey question and we need promotions. Then we change this topic to bullying against UAE students. This research has explained what do UAE students think about bulling against students in UAE. We make many searches to find a good information for the research. When we start our topic, we read some more articles and know more information about this topic. Then we developed a research question that we should answer it in this research. We found some feedback of the question, then we rewrote it. Also, we developed interview questions, the problems we face that some students was reject doing the interview. After that we make the survey question and we give it to female students from UAE, that consisted of ten closed questions, and we chose to create it electronically which called “Survey Monkey” because it’s more convenient to email the link instead of dealing with papers. We emailed the survey link to ten students, all of which took it. Then, we put it to pie chart to make it easy to read. In addition, we discussed our result from survey, interview questions and literature review that we collect to answer research questions.


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